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Our Mission Statement

  • To produce and procure all types of carpets for delivery to customers across the world
  • To accept custom orders for all types of weaves, textures, patterns and designs
  • To dispatch informative packages (pictures, films, brochures, etc.) on a timely basis to clients all over the world
  • To take orders by telephone, fax, Email and the Internet
  • To fully cooperate with domestic design teams, decorators and interior designers and architects

Suppliers & Exporters

Domestic suppliers and foreign exporters are to be assured of our impartiality and fairness. Our interests are determined by all decisions made on product pricing issues. These include quality, competitor pricing, after production service and credit worthiness of products.

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Mr. Haj Mahmoud Erami

Mr. Haj Mahmoud Erami was born in 1913 in the city of Kashan in central Iran. At age 10, and after his mother’s demise, he emigrated to the city of Qom with his uncle (Haj Mohmmad Kashani) and his aunts. For the next four years he underwent training in the art of carpet warp. By the time he was 20, he was fully skilled and had become a top professional in his field, producing carpets in Qom which he continued until the age 63.

Haj Hossein Erami

Haj Hossein Erami (1946-2016) acquired art as a child in Erami carpet weaving workshops under his father and continued this profession until the last moments of his life and he was especially popular among weavers and buyers because of his business ethic and creating jobs for large numbers of immigrant weavers and settling them in carpet weaving workshops. Haj Hossein Erami had three sons named Mohammad (born in 1981), graduate of industrial engineering, Mehdi (born in 1982), graduated in interior decoration, and Mahmoud (born in 1989), graduate of computer science. They kept alive the memory of their father in hearts with a lot of effort and innovation in the production.

Mohammad, Mehdi and Mahmoud Erami

Mohammad, Mehdi and Mahmoud Erami, by combining tradition and modernity in the modern world today, introduced special patterns and colors into Qom carpet weaving, and in addition to continuing the father’s path, created a revolution in the Qom silk carpet with innovation. In the meantime, they brought many achievements that can be mentioned to donate square silk carpet Hossein Erami Brand to the Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Shinzo Abe in 2019 by Tehran Chamber of Commerce which shows the art and quality of carpet weaving in Hossein Erami carpet production.